Zach + Ashley | Stranger Session

The concept of a stranger session is so intriguing to me! Mainly because there is no such thing as a blind date anymore. We have social media, phones, the internet and dating apps that tell us a lot about a person before we even meet them. Someone would have to work very hard to pull off a blind date in 2020.

BUT WE PULLED IT OFF Y'ALL. Zach is a very close cousin of mine and I have seen him with his heart broken more times that I would like. I was tagged in a post about another stranger session that involved music and I immediately thought of Zach. I texted him and asked if he would even consider something like that and he was 100% DOWN. He is such a great guy and any girl would be so lucky to have him by their side!

I put out a model call with everything Zach was looking for in a girl and I received a ton of submissions. But one girl kept standing out to me. I double checked her profile to make sure her and Zach did not know each other. We had 1 friend in common so I was pretty confident this would be a legit blind date.

I reached out to Ashley and she was so excited to be apart of this crazy thing! She was willing to go with the flow and just have fun! Zach is a fun and goofy guy so I knew he would want someone there that would laugh. We had so much fun and there was a lot of laughing between these two! And of course a few kisses too. I was swooning!

Zach asked Ashley to dinner and from what I hear... They had a great time! Will these two date? Who knows... will they be friends? For sure! Only time will tell... but it's no doubt that they have CHEMISTRY.

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